Minamiku23 Nukabiraonsenkyou
KamishihoroTown Hokkaido Japan

Cottege Primalstage
TEL +81-1564-9-4169 FAX +81-1564-9-4170 
Spend a much-valued time
Source over flow hot spring log cottage restaurant
Why do not enjoy the freedom of the moments in this vast land?
Let's spend a much-valued time
It was provided with a reservation-only dial. When asked to book accommodation here, accommodation price will be 500 yen off.
Reservations, dial  +81-90-8898-4169 (Reception time 8:00〜22:00 JST)
Please note
Please note that your mistake of the number.
There is the case that for some reason does not answer the phone. Notify the caller ID
Later we will contact you from here if you can.
Since this book rooms in other than the dedicated dial it does not become the price off the subject,
Please be careful.
For Internet booking site
Internet in each offer are accepted 24 hours a reservation. In addition, because there is a limited
deals accommodation plan, the check
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