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KamishihoroTown Hokkaido Japan

Cottege Primalstage
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Spend a much-valued time
Source over flow hot spring log cottage restaurant
Why do not enjoy the freedom of the moments in this vast land?
Let's spend a much-valued time
Relax, play
The primal stage
The name of the primal stage, the "primal
Origin and departure, the stage means that location. "
Is the name you gave in the feeling that "I go back to the origin, location to a new departure."
People to be here the day-to-day fatigue and trouble to visit
I think if Moraere went to reset.
By private business, the log of a national park
Realize the cottage (the province's first)
To provide a forum for peace humane "clear",
Private log cottage
The spa town in the naturally rich environment
No cottage Town
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