Minamiku23 Nukabiraonsenkyou
KamishihoroTown Hokkaido Japan

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TEL +81-1564-9-4169 FAX +81-1564-9-4170
Spend a much-valued time
Source over flow hot spring log cottage restaurant
Why do not enjoy the freedom of the moments in this vast land?
Let's spend a much-valued time
Transportation is not good.
  Public transport than Obihiro, is a regular bus to Nukabira source Township Day 4 round trip.
 Between the city between Obihiro ⇔ Asahikawa bus is one day one round trip through the Mikuni Pass.
 From New Chitose Airport to move to the JR limited express (1 day 11 round trip) or regular bus (Milky liner 1 day 4 round trip) to Obihiro Station, and transfer to a regular bus
Please give me.

 TokachiObihiroAirport・・・・About 1 hour and 40 minutes
 Obihiro City・・・・About 1 hour and 10 minutes
 Kusiro City・・・・・About 2 hour and 20 minutes
 Asahikawa City・・・・・About 2 hour
 Sapporo City/NewChitos Airport・・・・・About 2 hour and 20 minutes
How fun
HigashiTaisetsu of NukabiraOnsenkyou, cottage full-fledged hot-spring bath. With lots authentic log cottage in Finland producing pine.
Full of warmth of wood.
2-story Rogurojji of 4 buildings in the center of the center House of restaurants and hot spring.
Source over sink bath gender public baths, open-air bath of the Center House. Each building of the bath of course source over sink.
Your skin will be smooth.

* The Well even spend the moments of all by oneself at the family-mate with each other.
* The is also good to take it easy not do anything after taking meal only. (Restaurant offers)
* Food is raised by themselves, here noisily rise to be good in the barbecue set that offers

Center House  
Source over sink
Large bath-gender open-air bath by gender
Restaurant leaf
Each building Wi-Fi (free)
First floor area31.46u
Second Floor area36.36u 
Cottage in the fixtures
Facility Kitchen Furniture
Heating appliance
Gas stove with roaster Coverlet
Liquid Crystal Television Electric rice-cooker Mattress
Cleaning toilet seat position with a
flush toilet
Microwave Blanket
Bath with shower Refrigerator Sheet
  Electric pot Pillow
(6 servings)
Platter pot Bottle opener
Small Platter Frying pan Corkscrew
Cup Kettle TeaPot
TeaCup Kitchen knife  
Coffee Cup Cutting board  
Grass Ladle
Spoon Turner  
Fork Can opener  
Towel, bath towel, yukata, etc. during the bathing do not do your preparation.
The center house there is a fully automatic washing machine and dryer. (Surcharge)
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